Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Your Children Need Adolescent Medicine

As your children grow they deserve confidential medical care in a setting conducive to private, trusting conversation. They deserve access to a health care provider who understands their developmental concerns from ages 10-26:
  • Growing independence from parents and family
  • Complexities of relationships with their peers and siblings
  • Emotional and physical aspects of puberty and sexuality

They deserve specialized medical care related to:
  • Sports, including head injury and concussion
  • Gynecology, including birth control and STD prevention
  • Nutrition and management of overweight and underweight
  • Stress management and mental health screening
  • Prevention of high risk behaviors, depression, and eating disorders

What We Do at BridgeSpan Medicine . . . for teens and young adults
  • Care for patients ages 10-26, male and female
  • Provide comprehensive camp, school, sports and pre-college check-ups
  • Explore developmental and growth concerns
  • Diagnose and treat gynecological problems including expert first-time Gyn exams
  • Manage head injury in young athletes, including ImPACT testing
  • Address sexuality, pregnancy and STI issues
  • Rapid HIV testing (by appointment only)
  • Create a "medical home" for teens with chronic illness or developmental challenges
  • Counsel on nutrition, weight, and eating questions
  • Coordinate care for eating disorder patients
  • Advise on sports-related health
  • Support teens with concerns re: drugs, alcohol, violence
  • Collaborate with specialists, therapists, counselors, teachers and clergy