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At BridgeSpan Medicine in Purchase and Harrison, New York, the team of experienced pediatricians offers wound care services for adolescents and young adults. When your child experiences a cut or other type of superficial open wound, the providers can clean it thoroughly to prevent infection. They treat cuts and scrapes with Dermabond Advanced® topical skin adhesive to prevent scarring and promote healing. Learn more about available wound care services for adolescents by calling BridgeSpan Medicine or requesting an appointment online today.

Wound Care Q & A

When would my child need wound care services?

If your child gets a cut or laceration as a result of a sports injury or an accident at home, you can avoid the long wait at the emergency room with the wound care services at BridgeSpan Medicine.

Schedule an evaluation with the team if the open wound doesn’t respond to home care and continues to bleed. If your child has a serious open wound that appears deep or exposes bone, seek immediate treatment by calling 911 or heading to the nearest hospital emergency room.

BridgeSpan Medicine offers in-office repair of superficial skin wounds to reduce your child’s risk for infections. The physicians use Dermabond Advanced surgical adhesive to quickly close the skin and minimize permanent scarring.

What can I expect during a wound care appointment?

During the initial evaluation of your child’s wound, your BridgeSpan Medicine provider cleans the wound thoroughly to remove debris and bacteria that can cause an infection.

Your child’s physician then applies the topical Dermabond Advanced adhesive to close the wound and help the skin heal naturally.

If the wound is too large for the adhesive alone, your provider may recommend stitches to close the wound and Dermabond Advanced to keep the area clean.

What are the benefits of Dermabond Advanced?

Dermabond Advanced surgical adhesive is a convenient way to repair minor open wounds without stitches — it requires no anesthetic or needles. Your BridgeSpan Medicine provider simply applies the adhesive over the wound to bond the skin together.

Your doctor can safely use Dermabond Advanced adhesive on many areas of the body, including the delicate skin of the face. 

If your child has a cut near a joint or another mobile area, the doctor may need to immobilize the area while the adhesive is in place to prevent tearing or peeling of the material.

The adhesive is strong and bonds to maximum strength in just under three minutes. It’s also water-resistant to protect the wound during swimming and bathing.

Other benefits of Dermabond Advanced over traditional stitches include:

  • Quick repair time
  • More comfortable on the skin
  • No removal needed
  • Promotes faster healing time

To schedule a wound care evaluation with the team at BridgeSpan Medicine, call the office or request an appointment online today.