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If your child has trouble breathing, whether it’s an occasional problem or an everyday struggle, it’s important to get the issue diagnosed and treated. The team at BridgeSpan Medicine in Purchase and Harrison, New York, can help you manage your child’s respiratory illness when they’re a teen and young adult, so they can stay healthy and breathe freely as they move into adulthood. The adolescent medicine specialists provide chronic and acute respiratory care for issues that include bronchitis and asthma. Book an appointment online or by phone today.

Respiratory Care Q & A

What are the signs of respiratory distress?

Respiratory distress can take several forms, but the most obvious indicator is difficulty breathing. Your child may experience some or all of the following when they have a respiratory illness or condition. 


  • Gasping for air
  • Shallow breathing
  • Whistling sound when breathing (wheezing)
  • Chest tightness
  • Coughing


Respiratory distress can be uncomfortable and even scary. In a severe asthma attack, for example, the lack of air may induce anxiety or panic, which makes it all the worse. 


Respiratory problems can be serious, so a fast response to respiratory distress is important. The BridgeSpan Medicine team can diagnose your child's respiratory distress and then help with an effective treatment plan. 

What conditions require respiratory care?

Many conditions may require respiratory care, from fairly minor short-term issues to quite serious chronic illnesses. 

Short-term respiratory illness

If your child has a cold, flu, or another type of virus, a pronounced cough can be a painful problem that requires care. 

Bronchitis and pneumonia are two examples of short-term respiratory conditions that may require special respiratory care; both can make it difficult to breathe freely without coughing. Bronchitis and pneumonia can become chronic in some cases.

Chronic respiratory illness

Asthma is a common chronic problem among adolescents, and it’s important to get regular respiratory care to live a healthy life with this condition. In rare cases, teenagers and young adults have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that requires ongoing care. 

There are also genetic respiratory illnesses such as cystic fibrosis. Because cystic fibrosis causes mucus obstructions in the lungs, it leads to chronic breathing issues. Regular respiratory care is vital. 

How does respiratory care work?

At BridgeSpan Medicine, the team tailors treatment to your child’s personal needs. This may involve one or more of the following:

  • Breathing treatments in the office
  • Inhalers, both daily and rescue
  • Oral (pill or liquid) corticosteroid medication like prednisone
  • Lifestyle changes, like avoiding cigarette smoke
  • Nasal decongestants
  • Humidifier or vaporizer use at home

Whether your child has an acute or chronic respiratory condition, there’s no reason they can’t live life to the max with help from the BridgeSpan Medicine team. 

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