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Throughout your child’s school career, they need regular school physicals to monitor their health and clear them for sports and other activities. At BridgeSpan Medicine in Purchase and Harrison, New York, the experienced medical team offers comprehensive school physicals for high school and college-aged kids. As you prepare for a new school year, schedule a school physical by calling BridgeSpan Medicine or requesting an appointment online today.

School Physical Q & A

Why does my child need a school physical?

School physicals ensure your child is healthy enough to attend school and engage in related activities. The goals of the physical are to evaluate the physical and mental health of adolescents and young adults and identify potential health issues, even if your child isn’t showing symptoms.

In addition to giving you the peace of mind that your child is healthy and thriving, school physicals are often a requirement of the registration process for high school, college, organized sports, and camp.

What happens during a school physical?

Your BridgeSpan Medicine physician takes time to review your child’s existing health and their personal and family medical history. They also discuss any new symptoms your child is experiencing and answer questions you may have about your child’s health and development.

Your child’s provider performs a physical exam and evaluates important details, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Reflexes
  • Heart rate
  • Lung function
  • Blood pressure
  • Hearing and vision

If your child has existing health issues, like diabetes or asthma, your physician may request additional diagnostic testing like blood work or lung function tests.

Your provider can also discuss important issues with your child at an age-appropriate level concerning sexual health, alcohol and drug use, and healthy eating. 

If your child is registering to participate in sports, the BridgeSpan Medicine team can provide resources to help improve their athletic performance and reduce their risk of injuries.

Will my child need immunizations?

The BridgeSpan Medicine team offers a variety of immunizations for adolescents and young adults. If your child didn’t receive immunizations during their routine examination, your provider can administer them during the school physical to protect against contagious diseases like:

  • Hepatitis
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Whooping cough
  • Meningitis

The team can also provide you with necessary documentation regarding your child’s immunizations if you need them for school or camp registration.

If you have any concerns about immunization safety, you can discuss them with the BridgeSpan Medicine team to ensure you’re making the most informed decision about your child’s health.

If your child needs a school physical or camp physical, schedule an appointment online or call BridgeSpan Medicine today.