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Immunizations are an essential part of preventive health, protecting you and your family from dangerous diseases. The team at BridgeSpan Medicine in Purchase and Harrison, New York, offers a comprehensive range of immunizations for adolescents and young adults. Call the office or make an appointment online today to find out if you’re up-to-date on your vaccines and get the immunizations you need to protect your health.

Immunizations Q & A

What are immunizations?

Immunization is a treatment to protect you from an infectious disease. Immunizations, also known as vaccines, are usually delivered as an injection. They include a diluted amount of a virus to stimulate your immune system.

Immunizations are safe and carefully tested before being released for public use. In addition to protecting you from disease, vaccines also slow or prevent the spread of illness through communities, which helps protect those who genuinely can’t have vaccines. 

How do vaccines work?

The small amount the virus included in a vaccine imitates infection and triggers your immune system. Your immune system responds to the perceived threat by producing the antibodies necessary to fight off the virus or disease. 

Those antibodies stay in your system so that if you come into contact with those germs in the future, your body is prepared to protect itself. 

Most vaccines are provided during childhood to provide lifelong protection, although you may need additional doses of certain vaccines later in life to ensure you maintain the same levels of protection. 

The flu vaccine is one notable exception. The flu virus changes rapidly, and each flu season, a different virus sweeps the country. That’s why you should have an annual flu shot. 

What immunizations do I need?

During childhood, you should have received the following vaccines:

  • Tdap
  • Meningococcal (Menactra)
  • Meningococcal B (Trumenba)
  • HPV
  • Influenza

As a teen, in addition to your annual flu shot, you may need booster shots for pertussis, tetanus, and diphtheria. It is highly recommended that you also get a meningococcal B vaccine (also called TRUMENBA®) prior to attending college.

How do I know if I need an immunization?

In addition to keeping records of your health, with your permission, your doctor can request copies of the records maintained by previous health care providers. BridgeSpan Medicine offers customized advice on the immunizations that you need to protect your health. 

Call or make an appointment online today to talk to the team at BridgeSpan Medicine about your immunization needs. 

*The staff at BridgeSpan Medicine believe in both the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in preventing serious illness and saving lives. As pediatricians, their priority is the health and well-being of all children. They practice preventive medicine from birth to give patients the advantages that will lead to a long and healthy life. The administration of vaccines is an essential aspect of their philosophy and approach to pediatric care. All available research shows that the safest and most effective way to vaccinate children is according to the schedule set by the CDC and AAP. Straying from this schedule goes against proven scientific research and puts patients who do follow the schedule at risk. In an effort to protect patients to the best of their ability, in a world where these infectious diseases are unfortunately still in existence, the team will not accept patients who choose not to immunize.